by Dr. Brian S. Seaman, DC, FRCCSS(C), FICC

Have you noticed how our children and grandchildren always seem so smart? Now it's your chance to be 'one up on them'. Over the years, I have noticed a variety of questions which are commonly asked by patients. So I thought that as a bit of a change, that I would incorporate these into a quiz - a bit of trivia - Health Edition of course!

If you have been reading my articles on a regular basis, I am sure that you should be able to answer quite a few of these (didn't know there would be a quiz, did you!). But I must warn you - there are a few 'brain teasers' as well.

Have some fun with these and most importantly, see if your kids and grandchildren can answer them too!

1.  The discs in your lower back can 'slip' which causes lower back pain. True or false?
2.  Chiropractors 'pop discs' back into place. True or false?
3.  How many discs are in your spine?
4.  How many vertebrae or bones are in your spine (excluding the sacrum which is part of the pelvis)?
5.  Which is worse - osteopenia or osteoporosis?
6.  Is a bone density study the same as a bone scan?
7.  What is a 'T-score'?
8.  How many joints are in the spine (from the skull down to and including the sacro-iliac joints)? (Choose one).
A. 24 B. 36 C. 38 D. 76
9.  What is prostrate?
10.  How many years of post-secondary education does a chiropractor have?
11.  How many chambers in your heart?
12.  How many bones in your hand and wrist?
13.  How many bones in your foot and ankle?
14.  How many arteries bring blood up your neck to your brain?
15.  Where would you find bursas (name at least three)?
16.  What is worse; a deteriorating disc or degenerative disc?
17.  Why is PSA important? (Hint: all the gentlemen should get this one right).
18.  Everyone knows about the cartilage in your knees which are also known as meniscus. Name at least one other joint which has a meniscus.
19.  What is spinal stenosis? (This is a tough one).
20.  How many total lobes in your lungs?


1.  False. Discs don't actually slip - they bulge, protrude or herniate. It is true though that disc injuries can be very painful.
2.  False. The 'popping' or 'cracking' that you hear when a chiropractor adjusts your spine, is not a disc being 'popped back into place'. It is actually a release of pressure within the spinal joint.
3.  There are 23 discs in your spine. There is a disc in between each vertebrae with the exception of the first and second vertebrae in your neck (known as C1 and C2).
4.  There are 24 vertebrae in your spine; 7 in your neck, 12 in your rib cage area and five in your lower back.
5.  Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis indicates a greater amount of bone loss than osteopenia.
6.  No. A bone scan is used in the nuclear medicine department to detect things such as arthritis or bone fractures.
7.  A T-score compares your bone density to that of peak bone mass. This is an important number when assessing your bone density.
8.  D. 76. There are 52 spinal joints from the skull down to the SIJs (inclusive) plus another 24 rib joints (12 each side) where the ribs attach to the spine.
9.  Prostrate means lying down. Prostate is a gland in a man's pelvic area.
10.  At least three to four years of university studies plus an additional four years at a chiropractic college such as the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.
11.  Four.
12.  27 bones in each hand and wrist.
13.  26 bones in your foot and ankle.
14.  Four arteries; 2 carotid and 2 vertebral.
15.  Bursas are found in the knee, shoulder, hip (greater trochanter) and elbow.
16.  They are generally referring to the same thing.
17.  Prostate Specific Antigen - This is a blood test used to assess the health of a man's prostate.
18.  Elbow (radio-humeral joint), jaw (TMJ) and wrist (ulnar mensico-triquetral joint).
19.  Spinal stenosis is a condition in which the canal or channel to which the spinal cord passes, gets narrower. This can be due to degeneration, osteoarthritic changes or large disc herniations.
20.  There are five total lobes in your lungs (2 on the left and 3 on the right).

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