by Dr. Brian S. Seaman, DC, FRCCSS(C), FICC


Being active is important regardless of your age.  Whether it be as a youngster running around in the backyard or playground, or when we were older, going for a walk in the park with a friend.

As we all know, life gets in the way of us staying active.  Today, people are busier than ever and it is hard to ‘fit in’ regular physical activity let alone a fitness program.

But I Don’t Have Time!

But you can – and should – make the time.  Most people look after their cars better than their health.  They make sure the car is ‘looking good’ and they take it for regular check-ups/tune-ups.

An important part of looking after your health is to keep your body active.  And if you are having trouble finding the time, the Canadian Chiropractic Association has a few questions for you:

  • Do you want a more energized lifestyle?
  • Do you have difficulty finding time to be active?
  • Do you want to get started with little or no expense?


Then ‘Fit in 15’ is the answer you are looking for.

Fit in 15

Can you spare 15 minutes a day?

Would you like to have an on-line calendar to track your fitness activity?

How about regular motivational messages sent via e-mail?

If this sounds good to you then ‘Fit in 15’ is just what he doctor ordered!

The Canadian Chiropractic Association has developed an “online” public education program which is designed to provide inactive Canadians with an easy to follow solution to become more active.

‘Fit in 15’ allows you to select your own mix of exercises – or what one of my patients likes to refer to as “controlled movements”.

The ‘Mix’

It is important that you have a variety of activities that make up your exercise routine and ‘routine’ is the key word.  In order to be successful at your new fitness endeavors, be sure to make it part of your daily ‘routine’, just like brushing your teeth or combing your hair.

‘Fit in 15’ allows you to select exercises from three different areas:

  • Cardio – Walking is the easiest choice for this part of your fitness program.  Cardio increases your heart rate and is good exercise for your heart, lungs and circulation.  If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, regular ‘cardio’ is very important.
  • Strength – Basic, easy to do movements at home will help tone your muscles.  You really do not need any specific equipment other than perhaps a couple of soup cans.  ‘Big muscles’ are not the goal with ‘Fit in 15’.  Increasing the strength of your arms, shoulders, back and legs has lots of benefits.  Not only will daily activities be easier but walking and strength training has been shown to increase your bone density.  Doing these also helps to reduce the possibility of you developing osteoporosis.
  • Flexibility – Not everyone can touch their toes – but that is okay.  Doing some stretching exercises helps to keep you more supple and reduces the chance of over-straining your muscles when you reach up into the cupboard, or when you are working out in the garden.

The Solution

So ‘Fit in 15’ has what you need to begin a healthy daily habit and to stick with it.

Being active and getting into a habit of daily fitness is a win-win situation.  Not only do you get the direct benefits of a healthier body but you’ll be able to do more with your friends, children and family.

How do I get started?

If you have been inactive or sedentary for quite some time, you should check with your health care professional as to what type of fitness activity you should be doing.

Then visit www.fitin15.ca to start developing your fitness program.  It is really easy!

  • Select your fitness activities from the sections on cardio, flexibility and/or strength.
  • Sign up for the motivational e-mails (that is easy to do).
  • Set up a password protected calendar to record you 15 minutes of daily fitness activities.


What if I’m a little bit older?

As we get older, it is important to ensure that you are remaining physically active and when walking, that you are putting your ‘best foot forward’.  The Canadian Chiropractic Association has recognized the importance not only of staying physically active, but of preventing falls.  As a result the CCA also has developed a program ‘Best Foot Forward’.  This program especially focuses on those over the age of 65 who are still living independently.

Included with the program are a number of hints to make your house safer and to help prevent falls.  For more information on this program (‘Best Foot Forward’) check Links section of the clinic website.  In the section on Articles look for the one entitled “Best Foot Forward, The Five W’s”, or check with your local chiropractor.


  • ‘Fit in 15’ should become part of your daily routine – pick a time and stick with it.
  • Wear comfortable clothing when exercising.
  • Wear supportive non-slip shoes like a sneaker.
  • Most importantly – have fun and be healthy!


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